dijous, 30 de juny de 2011

OpenERP Training e-learning. On-line training

Training e-learning is OpenERP module and APP for Django. Add new features training modules for SEO and use web application for your students training, without connectors.

In this demo, you can view OpenERP offers available for this student (subscription), courses doc (wiki), questionnaires and questions for exams (there are 4 type question: plain text, QCM, QCU and Yes/No).

Student are available all content information about courses and available make a test and auto-validation.

Modules availables

  • Training: Base module Training
  • Training Exam: Generation Exams
  • Training Django: Django integration (web) and SEO
  • Training Doc: Wiki related courses
  • Training Multi School:MultiSchool management

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  1. I remember when I used Articulate's authoring tools to built E Learning Training courses about computer fundamentals. OpenERP and Articulate have the same set of questions for assessments like YES/NO questions, multiple choice questions, randomized question pools as well as quizzes.