dilluns, 26 de juliol de 2010

New module label

Zikzakmedia have the pleasure to announce the re-factoring and improvement of label module. Now it allows to define the format of the labels in a flexible way to create label reports from any OpenERP object.

The label module allows the creation of PDF label reports from partner, address, product, picking, ... objects. The main features are:
  • Definition of page sizes, label manufacturers and label formats
  • Flexible label formats (page size, portrait or landscape, manufacturer, rows, columns, width, height, top margin, left margin, ...)

  • Initial data for page sizes and label formats (from Avery and Apli manufacturers)
  • Wizard to print labels. The label format, the printer margins, the font type and size, the first label (row and column) to print on the first page can be set.
  • The labels are created as Mako Templates with ReportLab tags to define the format (uses the same report engine as OpenERP):

  • Report style sheets can be defined to be used in the label body
  • The labels can be printed sorted by three different fields

The label body can contain:
  1. Fixed strings like 'Ref.:'
  2. Mako fields like ${object.name}
  3. Mako control sequence %for ... %endfor for loops
  4. ReportLab tags <b> <i> <u> <super> <sub> <font> <barCode> <greek>
  5. ReportLab tags like <blockTable>, <tr>, <td>, ...
  6. <nextFrame/> tag where you want jump to next label.
Note: Only 1, 2, 4 contents can be mixed in the same line.
Note: Line with 1, 2, 4 content is inserted in a <para> tag.
For ReportLab documentation visit http://www.reportlab.com/software/documentation/

You can create/manage your own label templates in the Administration/Customization/Labels/Label Templates menu. This module includes two examples of label templates; for partners and for partner addresses (contacts) objects.

Example of some partner labels printed in an A4 sheet with 8 rows x 2 columns:

The label module can be found in addons-extra repository. It has been tested in version 5.0, but it could work in v. 6.0 with non or minor changes. You must install the Mako python library (apt-get install python-mako), like in PowerEmail module (part of the code for the design of label templates has been taken from it, thanks to Sharoon Thomas from Open Labs).

Enjoy it!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the lable module, its really nice. I am trying to use it for print product barcode but unable to use it. Can you please provide sample template with lable body and style sheet?
    - Girish

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